Brodie Stewart

Musician | Producer | Audio Engineer

+61 438 954 328

Perth, Western Australia.

Brodie Stewart is musician, producer, and audio engineer based in Perth, Western Australia. In high demand, Brodie is at the forefront of the jazz and contemporary music scenes. He is a graduate with First Class Honours in Jazz Performance of the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA), where he now lectures in the Contemporary course. Although primarily a pianist, Brodie is most comfortable behind a keyboard rig, fluent in complex sound design and synth programming. Additionally, you will often find him in the role of a bassist; playing key bass allows him to approach the gig like he would an electric bass (his second instrument) with the facility and dexterity of a keyboardist.

Brodie's extensive and impressive skill set as a musician regularly lands him in the position of Musical Director in many of the bands and acts he performs with. MD'ing his first ever musical at age 15, his ability to sight read, play multiple instruments, transcribe and write accurate charts, as well as his advanced technological and programming skills allow him to get the most out of any group.

When Brodie is not on the stage, he is working hard engineering, mixing and mastering from his personal professional recording studio. His client list is extensive, and he has an impressive acquisition of some of the finest gear. This is rather a testament to his incredible attention to detail, and extremely musical approach throughout the entire creative process.

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